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災防暨動員業務年度講習 Disaster Prevention and Transportation Mobilization Annual Workshop


In the afternoon of Mar. 28, 2017, BOHSR implemented the Disaster Prevention and Transportation Mobilization Annual Workshop. Assistant Professor Tien-Sze Fang from National Tsing Hua University and Director Ching-Heng Yang of Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation were invited to the workshop to address two issues, respectively “Opportunities and Challenges of India 's Rise: Anti - Terrorism” and “Taipei MRT System Security Maintenance in Universiade Taipei 2017”.
The focus of Professor Fang's speech is: India is the world's seventh largest country and has the world's second largest population (1.2 billion). India has no major interest conflicts with our country, but there are complementary interests / new south policy; however, the main advantage of Taiwan toward India lies in culture, education, science and technology and economic and trade. The Indian government enforced the “Armed Forces Special Power Act” and “Illegal Activities Preventive Act”, which became the main laws for the prevention of terrorism. In addition, they added the damage to “economic security” in the definition of terrorist activities, including the destruction of financial stability through the manufacturing, smuggling and distribution of Indian currency. Regarding the rise of the country and the future development opportunities for cooperation and so on are worthy of further self-reflection and exploration.
As for the topic of Director Yang, the focus is: the XXIX Summer Universiade will be held in Taipei from Aug. 19 to 30 this year. For the prevention of possible major security incidents, how to prevent and deal with the security incidents is an important issue to address. The first priority principle is “safety as the prioritized consideration – the safety of employees and passengers”; its response is to strengthen the personnel adaptability, improve safety maintenance equipment and enhance passenger safety experience. The speaker concluded with “facing the emerging forms of threatening crime and terrorist attacks, to enhance safety defense is more and more important” and “security needs bit-by-bit efforts and persistence” as mutual encouragement.
The workshop was successful. Through the presentations of the two speakers, the participants were able to gain a better understanding of the importance of anti-terrorism and security. The workshop will help to strengthen their own capabilities which will be helpful for future operations.

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