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ISO 9001(2015年版)改版說明教育訓練。

為配合國際ISO 9001(2008年版)於104年9月23日正式發布改版為ISO 9001(2015年版),本局(含捷運工程處)「ISO 9001品質管理系統」之有效期僅至106年7月8日止,現有系統架構將調整為新版管理架構,藉以提升服務品質及工作效率,並辦理改版作業,以取得ISO 9001(2015年版)之驗證。
本局於106年2月16日辦理ISO 9001(2015年版)改版說明教育訓練,並於106年3月30日由本局ISO管理代表鍾總工程司維力召開管理審查會議,確認本局品質管理系統仍維持管理代表之設置,並保留品質手冊、品質文件區分1~4階之建置及請相關組室配合修訂或增訂品質文件,接續辦理改版後之驗證作業。

In line with the revision of International ISO 9001 (2008 edition) to International ISO 9001 (2015 edition) on Sep. 23, 2015, the “ISO 9001 Quality Management System” in BOHSR (including the MRT Engineering Office) is only valid until Jul. 8, 2017. The existing system structure will be tailored to the new management structure to improve service quality and productivity. In addition, the bureau will process the revision operations to ISO 9001 (2015 edition).
On Feb. 16, 2017, BOHSR implemented the ISO 9001: 2015 Revised Edition Education Training. Then on Mar. 30, representative of ISO management, Chief Engineer Wei-Li Chung, held the evaluation meeting to confirm that the quality management system of BOHSR still maintains the setting of a management representative. In addition, the system retained the differentiation of 1 to 4 stages of manuals and files of quality management. The system also maintained the operation of cooperating with relevant groups with revising or updating quality documents, followed by the verification operation of the revised edition.

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