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高鐵新竹車站特定區事業發展用地招商公告 Tender Invitation for Business Development Area in Hsinchu HSR Station District


On Mar. 22, 2017, BOHSR officially announced the tender invitation for “Development and Management Projects of Business Development Area in Hsinchu HSR Station District”. The total area of the project is about 5 hectares, including affiliated business land (about 3.1 hectares), station area plaza (about 1.6 hectares) and transportation facilities (about 0.3 hectares) with 60% building coverage ratio and the largest floor area for ancillary businesses is about 115,000 square meters. The tender specifications include the superficies right of these lands with a limited seventy-year development phase. In the future, developers should map out real estate strategies and business development based on existing urban planning and relevant urban regulations of the district. Future developments should enhance functionality of daily life and the developers are not allowed to build any residential properties.
To promote the development of station commercial districts, enhance the efficiency of land development and meet demands of related industries stationing in the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park, BOHSR hoped that through this project, it will attract private investment and business ideas and encourage investors to develop in a compound way. The area anticipated introducing businesses such as various types of retail shopping malls, hotels, office and restaurants to fulfill the required living functions for the passengers of Hsinchu station, residents of the station district and the working population of the area.
Before the announcement, BOHSR has sought the views of investors in November 2016. After careful consideration of market reaction matters, such as the zoning of the sub-district development mechanism, reasonable exit conditions, calculation of royalty with investment incentives and other important issues, BOHSR discussed relevant supporting measures, and adjusted the contents of the investment documents hoping to propose more flexible and equal investment conditions with mutual benefit to enhance the willingness to participate in the investment. BOHSR welcomes all domestic and foreign enterprises to sign up as independent company or business alliances to participate in the investment. The deadline for submission of the tender is at 5 pm on July 24, 2017. Details of the relevant tender documents can be downloaded from the THSRC website (

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