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賀陳部長帶領媒體體驗雲嘉糖鐵風情 Minister of MOTC Hochen Led the Media to Experience the Yunlin and Chiayi Sugar Railways


On Jun. 13, 2017, Minister of MOTC Hochen invited Yunlin County Government, Chiayi County Government, Taiwan Sugar Corp. and the media press to visit the Huwei Sugar Factory in Yunlin and Swantou Sugar Factory in Chiayi hoping to develop tourism resources via cooperation of central and local powers and create a sightseeing spotlight for the sugar factories.
The upgrade of sugar railways in Yunlin and Chiayi into tourism railways is one of the items in Forward-Looking Infrastructure Plan. Through the combination of transportation, traditional industries and local economy, we will create a unique railway tourism experience as the best example of the development of special sightseeing.
Yunlin County Government and Chiayi County Government have eagerly cooperated with Taiwan Sugar Corp. to activate the sugar railways, introduced local pastoral styles and fused local stories and the cultural customs into the overall tourism resource integration to create the characteristics of the sightseeing railway. The Yunlin Sugar Railway is now planning to link Huwei Sugar Factory, HSR Yunlin Station, sugarcane fields and agricultural sceneries along with integrating sugar-manufacturing culture, historic buildings of Huwei, railway elements and other tourist resources to provide diverse and in-depth travel. As for Chiayi Sugar Railway, it is planning to connect HSR Chiayi Station, Swantou Sugarcane Cultural Park, LOHAS organic farm, Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum & other sites and to build a green corridor & bike lanes along the route to create a new sightseeing spotlight in the sugar industry.
Once, the narrow-gauge trains packed with sweet sugarcane and sugar carried the Taiwanese society from poverty to affluence; now, Yunlin and Chiayi sugar railways will combine surrounding resources, leading passengers into the time tunnel to take a glimpse of the rural life in Taiwan and savor its history & railway cultures.

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