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機場捷運台北車站(A1)多重災害暨反恐演練 Multiple Disasters and Anti-terrorism Drill in TIAA MRT Taipei Main Station (A1)


In response to the XXIX Summer Universiade that is scheduled to be opened in Aug. 2017, the Taoyuan Metro Corp. invited Taipei City Fire Department, Police Department, Rapid Transit Division Taipei City Police Department, Criminal Investigation Bureau and other units to participate in this “Multiple Disasters and Anti-terrorism Drill” so that colleagues can be more skilled in the disaster response operations. The drill mobilized about 100 people and took place before dawn of May 27 at the Taipei Main Station (A1).
President of Taoyuan Metro Corp. Kun-I Liu and Director of Office of Homeland Security, Executive Yuan Chun-Tai Huang both personally attended the event to supervise. First, the briefing was made, setting the scenario as an event of explosion just as the train was departing A1 Station causing it unable to move. The drill items were passengers escaping from the platform and the track, next, the fire unit implements fire and injury rescue, then the bomb squad approaches to detect whether there are residual bursts, and finally the forensic science squad collects evidence on-site. On the other hand, the interrupted baggage transport operations would be resumed along with passenger evacuation operations were implemented at the underground baggage handling area and outside of A1 Station. The process of the drill was smooth and the designated targets were successfully achieved.

  • 消防單位進行事故列車搶救。
  • 人員疏散。
  • 演練後檢討會。
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