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機場捷運A7站體結構地震監測系統 The Earthquake Monitoring System on TIAA MRT System A7 Station Structure


The National Taiwan Sport University Station (A7) is located on Wenhua 1st Road in Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City and is an underground station which adopted the cut and cover technique. In order to grasp and monitor the impact of the earthquake on the main structure of the station, the earthquake monitoring system is set up on the station platform and concourse floor. Long-term monitoring data changes were used to determine long-term mechanical behavior and internal stress changes of relevant structural characteristics and the information were used as reference for station structure safety and maintenance decisions.
The earthquake monitoring facilities in National Taiwan Sport University Station (A7) included 4 sets of surface type accelerometers, 40 reinforcement bar stress gauges and 20 concrete strain gauges. On Jul. 20, 2015, the civil engineering acceptance procedure was completed which initiated the warranty phase. During the warranty period, the contractor is required to carry out regular monitoring operations with the frequency of at least once a month. On Sep. 21, 2015, the MRT Engineering Office met with the contractor, supervisor and Taoyuan Metro Corp. to record the initial value of the reinforcement bar stress gauges and concrete strain gauges; for the surface accelerometer, its value is based on real-time data. If the seismic wave acceleration reaches 25gal (intensity 4), the accelerometer will immediately initiate relevant monitoring equipment and start automatic recording.
The supervisory monthly report of the contractor shall record monthly captured data and history log and the abnormal data shall be judged and analyzed. As of April 2017, the monitoring results showed that all instrument monitoring points were normal without exception.
The corresponding response data of relevant structure from the monitoring system can be fed back as the reference of future development designs and applied to follow-up structure security monitoring and management of A7 station.

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