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機場捷運公共藝術作品系列報導(八) 機場第二航廈站(A13)-數位鏡面 TIAA MRT Public Art Series Report (8) Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2 Station (A13) – “Software Mirrors”



Daniel Rozin is a well-known artist in the United States, whose creative orientation is dedicated to the category of interactive media art. Rozin focuses on the subject of mirroring, due to the artist's attention to visible and invisible things in his everyday life. Through the use of special materials or the image after program calculation, the artist can still retain the clues of the original images for identification purposes. However, through texture conversion and a certain degree of image changes after reality withdrawal, the artwork can provide novel “mirror” experiences for viewers different from the past.
The artwork (Software Mirrors) is an installation comprised of five mirrors. It can control audience interaction and picture response mechanism via the recording camera and computer program and through the sensor, transform objects or portraits that appear in the front of the art into different strokes of dynamic sketches.
Each passenger used their own body to participate in improvisation; in response, the artwork will instantly feedback image change according to the object’s gesture and movement. Through the interactive mechanism, direct exchanges and communications are formed among the space, the artwork, and each participant. Public viewers are transformed from passive observers into an active part of the artwork. Each person is able to create a digital aesthetic experience that is unique to him or herself.

Artist: Daniel Rozin
Title of the Public Art: Software Mirrors
Station of the Public Art: Airport Terminal 2 Station (A13)
Location of the Public Art: Paid Area Wall on the Concourse Floor 

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