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106年度高鐵營運定期檢查辦理紀要 2017 Annual Inspection on HSR Operation


The 2017 Annual Inspection on HSR Operation was carried out by BOHSR on behalf of MOTC, starting on May 17.
The inspection was implemented in accordance with Article 41 of Railway Act and Article 46 & 47 of Regulation for Supervision of Local Railway, Private Railway and Exclusive Railway. The eight major inspection matters included Organization, Operational Situation, Financial Situation, Constructions, the Safety Management System, Maintenance of Trains, Maintenance of Tracks and Others. Regarding “Financial Situation”, the matters will be addressed in the “Financial Audit of HSR Project Operational Phase” which was be held from Jun.13 to Jun. 22, 2017. Other inspection matters will be evaluated in the annual inspection operations to understand the organization, operation and security status of THSRC to ensure the safe operation of HSR and maintain a certain standard of service.
A total of 112 matters were reviewed in the annual inspection including 4 categories: Operation, Civil Engineering, Electric & Mechanic and Labor Safety & Health. This inspection was implemented by Deputy Chief Engineer Guo-Cheng Jao leading the inspection team. First, the party arrived at THSRC headquarters in Nangkang for briefing. Then, the sub-teams went on separately to the operation maintenance building, stations and bases for document examination, staff questioning and on-site inspection. Inspection contents included the actual enforcement of policies and random checks on data sheets and records.
The annual inspection was completed by Jun. 2, 2017 in which an official report based on inspection results will be provided and improvement items will be issued. The report will be ratified by MOTC and submitted to THSRC for future improvements.

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