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高鐵列車於八卦山隧道內遇恐怖攻擊應變聯合演練 Joint Drill of HSR Emergency Response to Terror Attack in the Bagua Shan Tunnel


At midnight on Jun. 22, 2017, THSRC hosted the “Joint Drill of HSR Emergency Response to Terror Attack in the Bagua Shan Tunnel” at adit A of Bagua Shan in accordance with the “HSR Holistic Disaster Prevention Plan” and “2017 Hazard Prevention Drill Project”. THSRC mobilized approximately 200 people including the support units, the Fire Bureau, Police Bureau and Public Health Bureau of Changhua County Government, the Railway Police Bureau and the Fifth Detection Squad of Criminal Investigation Bureau to take part in this drill. The goal of the drill is to let colleagues from THSRC and external support units to be familiar with emergency response measures, report, evacuation and mass injury handling abilities during a terror attack that causes train explosion in the long section of Bagua Shan tunnel. The drill is aimed to process emergency procedures fluently and strengthen cross-unit communication and operational mechanisms.
THSRC Chairman Yao-Chung Chiang and CEO Kung-Yeun Jeng both personally attended the drill to supervise the process. COO Chiang Chen of THSRC was the Main Controller of the event and Deputy Chief Engineer Hsin-Hsi Lu of BOHSR led colleagues from the First Division to supervise the drill. The drill was divided into two stages; the first stage was initiated when receiving terrorist attack intelligence. Subsequently, THSRC started the third-grade anti-terrorism measures to strengthen station and train safety checks to enhance the train security rate. The second stage was response measures for explosion disasters. Emergency response actions included briefing, comforting, detrainment on to the track operations by the train crew, setting up a field command by the Disaster Prevention Team in Taichung Station to coordinate and guide external support units for disaster relief, explosives removal by the Fifth Detection Squad of Criminal Investigation Bureau, mass injury handling by Public Health Bureau and repair operations by the Wuri Base technical engineering team.
The targets were successfully achieved in this drill. BOHSR will continue to supervise THSRC on improvement measures carried out according to this drill and the improvements will to contribute to amend relevant operating procedures which will push actual implementation of disaster management operations.

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  • 旅客緊急下軌道疏散。
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