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本局品質管理系統 ISO 9001(2015年版)驗證作業 Verification Operations of the ISO 9001 (2015 Edition) Quality Management System in BOHSR
ISO 9001(2015年版)驗證作業啟始會議。

ISO 9001係國際標準化組織設立的品質管理系統標準,不僅是一種品保制度,更是將一個組織正常所應該執行的工作方向,綜合參考現有的管理工具做有系統的規劃,既可滿足外部要求,亦能符合內部管理的內部品質保證。
本局及所屬捷運工程處於103年6月10日通過ISO 9001(2008年版)品質管理系統驗證,驗證範圍包括高速鐵路監理;高速鐵路車站特定區開發及捷運系統建設之可行性研究、分析、規劃、設計、審查、評估、發包與合約管理、營建管理、工程監造、檢驗及驗收等,有效期至106年7月8日止。
配合ISO 9001已於104年9月23日正式發布改版為ISO 9001(2015年版),本局品質管理系統亦配合進版作業,將現有系統架構調整為新版管理架構,並將風險評估與經營環境問題及利害關係人關注議題納入系統管理,所有進版作業於106年6月5日完成,藉以提升服務品質及工作效率。
驗證機構香港商漢德技術監督服務亞太有限公司台灣分公司於106年6月7、8日至本局各單位辦理驗證作業,由於本局同仁平時均確依品質管理程序執行工作,且積極配合辦理ISO 9001(2015年版)進版,並藉由內部稽核改善作業程序,本次驗證結果無缺失事項,僅1項持續改善機會點,已順利通過驗證,刻正由TUV NORD德國總公司開具證書中,證書有效期為106年7月9日至109年7月8日止,後續本局仍將依品質管理規定及驗證委員建議持續精進。

ISO 9001 is a quality management system standard established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is not only a kind of quality assurance system, but also a work direction that should be carried out by a general organization. It is systematically planned with reference to the existing management tools. The system can meet external requirements and also conform to the internal quality assurance of internal management.
BOHSR and the MRT Engineering Office have passed the verification operations of ISO 9001(2008 Edition) on Jun. 10, 2014. The verification scope included supervision of the HSR; development of station district and the feasibility study, analysis, planning, design, review, evaluation, contracting and contract management, construction management, engineering supervision, inspection and acceptance of the MRT system construction. The certificate is valid until July 8, 2017 only.
In accordance with the ISO 9001, which was officially revised to ISO 9001 (2015 Edition) on Sep. 23, 2015, the quality management system of BOHSR will also be updated from the existing system structure to the new management structure. The risk assessment, business environment issues and stakeholder concerns will be introduced into the new system management. All system update operations were completed on Jun. 5, 2017 to enhance service quality and efficiency.
On Jun. 7 and 8, 2017, the verification agency, TUV Asia Pacific Ltd., Taiwan Branch, visited various departments of BOHSR to implement verification operations. As BOHSR colleagues are usually in accordance with the quality management procedures for implementation of daily work and have actively cooperated with the ISO 9001 (2015 Edition) updating operations and improved operating procedures via internal audit, there were zero defect matters and only one continual improvement chance points found in the verification process. The bureau has successfully passed the verification process and is awaiting the certificate currently drawn by TUV NORD, valid from Jul. 9, 2017 to Jul. 8, 2020 only. BOHSR should successfully pass the verification and the bureau will continue to improve the quality management regulations and enhance its operations according to verification committee recommendations.

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