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台灣高鐵公司106年度股東常會實錄 2017 THSRC Annual Meeting of Shareholders

依據該公司105年度營業報告書及年報顯示:105年為高鐵營運第10年,運量呈現逐年穩定成長情形,在105全年共開出51,106班次列車,較104年度50,532班次列車增加574班;平日雙向發車最高達158班,連續假期單日雙向最大運能更曾達197班次,充分提供旅客搭乘需求。另座位利用率63.52%,較104年度59.65%增加3.87%。105年全年疏運人次達5,659萬人,較前一年度5,056萬人成長11.93%;日均運量達15. 5萬人次,較104年13.9萬人次增加約1.6萬人;全年共輸運10, 488百萬延人公里,較104 度增加8 . 63%。同時交出全年無造成傷亡之事故,全年平均準點率為99.43%的漂亮成績。

At 9 a.m. on May 24, 2017, the 2017 THSRC Annual Meeting of Shareholders was launched. The meeting was hosted by THSRC Chairman Yao-Chung Chiang and BOHSR was represented by Acting Chief Secretary Guo-Cheng Jao leading associates from the Sixth Division. The attendance rate of common stock shareholders was 84.92%, conforming to attendance regulations.
In the meeting, Chairman Chiang said that in order to reflect the current situation of the THSRC equity structure so that major shareholders can actively participate in the decision-making of the board, as well as taking into account the size of the board of directors and the efficiency of the proceedings, the eighth director election will be held to fully reflect the government-led new business enterprise that is combined with the efficiency of private management. In the future, THSRC will continuously implement corporate governance and enhance core technologies under the premise of government guidance. Moreover, the Chairman expressed gratitude to the management team of their efforts and also the government and shareholders of their support. Following the statement, the Chairman reported two general issues (1. Report on the Company execution of corporate governance and 2. allocation of 2016 remuneration to board of directors and compensation to employees.). Then, the Chairman presented two proposal issues (1. Proposals of the 2016 Annual Business Report and financial statements of the Company and 2. Proposals of 2016 profit distribution of the Company) which were both supported by 95% of attended shareholders conforming to legal requirements of approval from more than half of attended shareholders.
According to the company's 2016 business report and annual report, growth has been stable throughout the 10 years of operation. Regarding operation loading, a total of 51,106 trains have been distributed in 2016 which resulted in an increase of 574 trains comparing to 50,532 trains dispatched in 2015; Daily northbound and southbound train services have reached a maximum at 158 trains, or 197 trains during the holiday season with due regard to the interests of passengers. The loading factor was 63.52% in 2016, up by 3.87 percentage points compared to 59.65% in 2015. Total ridership carried in 2016 reached 56.59 million which increased 11.93% comparing to 50.56 million in 2015. The annual average of ridership carried per day was 155,000, which increased about 16,000 people comparing to 139,000 in 2015. Passenger-Kilometers reached 10.488 billion which increased 8.63% comparing to 2015. The average punctuality rate in 2016 was 99.43% and there were zero accident record throughout the year.
A number of shareholders submitted comments or suggestions, such as concerns about the fare adjustment problem and recommended the issuance of stored value cards to provide ticket concessions. Meanwhile, the shareholders questioned the rationality of whether the director remuneration is too high but the employee compensation is too low and recommended that the company should play out corporate ethics exceeding relevant provisions and be compassionate to employees. As for the wrong-tracking incident, the shareholders urged THSRC to implement improvement measures and enforce prudent management. In response to the comments or proposals raised by shareholders, Chairman Chiang not only thanked the shareholders’ concerns regarding company operation, but also addressed the proposals one by one. Finally, Chairman Chiang stated that the management team will continue to provide quality services to create customer satisfaction and fulfill social responsibilities.

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