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高鐵臺南車站特定區武東段276-1地號部分土地公告招商 Tender Announcement for Development and Management Project in Lot 276-1, Sec.Wudong, HSR Tainan Station District

臺南市政府已計畫於毗鄰本基地之武東段276地號興建大臺南會展中心,並預計於109年6月開始營運,為因應會展期間產生住宿需求,及未來中研院南部分院、綠能科技聯合研究中心、交大沙崙分校營運衍生之商務住宿需要,本局爰規劃辦理「高鐵臺南車站特定區武東段276-1地號部分產業專用區開發經營案」設定地上權招商公告,招商內容包括基地面積約1公頃,應興建至少150房(含) 規模以上之旅館建物與設施並取得旅館業登記證,公告期間自106年6月20日起至106年9月18日截止,相關事項及招商文件可至本局網站(下載、查閱。

The government actively developed HSR Tainan Station District into the Shalun Green Energy Science City. National public works have been settled in the Commercial/Manufacturing Park of the station district including Tainan Convention & Exhibition Center, Academia Sinica-Southern Branch, Green Energy Technology Joint Research Center and Green Technology Demonstration Field which will form Taiwan's first intelligent & green science city. The city will drive industrial development for the southern region of Taiwan and future growth potential can be expected.
Tainan City Government has planned to construct Tainan Convention & Exhibition Center in Lot 276-1 adjoin Lot 276, Sec. Wudong ,and the expo center is scheduled to be opened in June, 2020. In response to the demand for accommodation during future exhibitions, and also the business accommodation needs of the Academia Sinica-Southern Branch, the Joint Research Center and National Chiao Tung University- Shalun Branch, BOHSR implemented the superficies right tender announcement for “Business Development Project of Partial Commercial/Manufacturing Park in Lot 276-1, Sec. Wudong ,HSR Tainan Station District”. The project base is about 1 hectare in which the hotel building and facilities should be constructed with at least 150 rooms. In addition, the contractor must obtain legitimate hotel registration certificate. Tender announcement is online from Jun. 20 to Sep. 18, 2017. Details of the relevant tender documents can be downloaded from the BOHSR website (
The project is categorized into commercial/manufacturing Park with 70% building coverage ratio and 240% building bulk ratio. It is on the same block as the Tainan Convention & Exhibition Center and is also nearby HSR Tainan Station. Its good location conditions permit industrial R & D services, business services and exhibitions, shopping centers, commercial, sightseeing and other non-residential and pollution-free facilities that are approved by municipalities to enter the area. Domestic and foreign enterprises are welcomed to apply for investment and development either as a company or Enterprise alliance.

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