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高鐵4G行動通訊品質改善現況說明 Status of 4G Mobile Communication Quality Improvement on the HSR


As the telecom business in Taiwan is a franchise business, improvement of the mobile communication quality on the HSR must be invested and carried out by the telecom companies in the country. The 4G mobile communication quality improvement plan for HSR tunnel sections north of Yuanlin, Changhua County is jointly invested by five telecom companies to build base stations and lay out leakage cables. In cooperation with the XXIX Summer Universiade that will be held in Taipei City and the promotion of 4G communication quality along the HSR, the telecom operators are fully engaged in day and night operations with the guidance of the Board of Science and Technology of the Executive Yuan, MOTC and National Communications Commission. Besides the 4G communication improvement for the underground section from Taipei to Nangang that has been completed in March, 2017, the 4G communication installation for tunnel sections north of Hsinchu is expected to be completed by end of July, 2017 and the remaining tunnel sections of the entire line is expected to be completed by end of December, 2017. Then, signal optimization will be carried out.
As for the elevated sections south of Changhua, the telecom operators will install additional apparatus based on original base stations or install new base stations respectively. There is still a need to increase the number of base stations to increase mobile broadband coverage ratio. The Board of Science and Technology has been holding meetings on a regular basis and has assisted the mobile operators in setting up communications sites. On the other hand, the telecom companies continue to optimize the signal to enhance the mobile broadband 4G communication coverage along HSR route.

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