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「機場捷運林口站(A9)土地開發案」新建工程上樑典禮 The Beam Raising Ceremony of "Land Development Project of TIAA MRT Linkou Station (A9)"

本案位處臺灣桃園國際機場聯外捷運之重要區位,並緊鄰中山高速公路林口交流道,不論前往臺北、桃園國際機場、高鐵桃園車站或是中南部地區均甚便利;而毗鄰本開發案之「林口機一用地」,已規劃為多元化的行政園區,以及北側街廓「中商36土地」將開發包含精品outlet商店、電影院、美食廣場與特色超市等成為北臺灣最大的國際級outlet park。

The "Land Development Project of TIAA MRT Linkou Station (A9)" was contracted to Kindom Construction Corp. on Apr. 12th, 2011.
The high-quality Kindom construction team overcame Linkou's climate limitations and completed the main structural constructions of this new construction project in just one year. In the morning of Mar. 19 2014, the significant Beam Raising Ceremony of this project was held with Acting Director General Hu Hsiang-Ling from BOHSR and Chairman Ma, Yu- Shan from Kindom Construction Corp. leading both teams, East Asia Real Estate Management Company Vice President Huang, Ray-Lin and Architect Chung-Ping Wang witnessing the ceremony.
This construction venue is located in an important district of TIAA MRT and is nearby Sun Yat-Sen Freeway Linkou interchange which makes the area convenient no matter to Taipei, Taoyuan International Airport, HSR Taoyuan Station or even southern Taiwan. Beside this project venue, there lies "Linkou No.1 Land" which has been planned as a multipurpose administrative park; at the northern side of the venue is the "Linkou Jung-Shang 36 Public Land" which will be developed into Taiwan's largest international outlet park consisting of outlet stores, movie theaters, food court and characteristic supermarket.
The efficient use of MRT Station Land will bring increase in resident population, employed population, shopping crowd and of course MRT ticketing income. Other positive outcomes of this project include activation surrounding land development possibilities and successfully integration of MRT construction and land development. This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014 and the TIAA MRT Project is scheduled to be completed by end of 2015. In addition, central business districts and administrative parks are continuously undergoing development stage. With all of the projects to be finished recently forming a full-function community, the prosperous future of the district is greatly expected.

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