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機場捷運列車影音播放系統簡介 Introduction to the Video Playback System on the TIAA MRT


The TIAA MRT video playback system can play and display the latest arrival and departure flight information, car front image (express train only), advertisements, operational information, station configuration, time, Government decrees, general text information and so on. There are 4 display panels installed in each express train cabin and 2 in each commuter train cabin.
Flight information shows departure and arrival flight information. The departure flight information shows the actual departure time, flight number, destination, boarding gate number, terminal number and flight status; the arrival flight information display includes the actual arrival time, flight number, departure city, boarding gate number, terminal number and flight status. Each display page can shows 8 flights, rotating in Chinese and English two languages. The latest flight information is obtained from the certain stations via wireless LAN transmission.
In addition, the driving cab of the express train, near the window of the ceiling, is installed with the “video camera for the front image of the train”. Therefore, before entering the station, the image in front of the train can be shown on the display panel inside the passenger saloons, making the passengers feel as if in the cab, watching the outside scenery as the train pulls into the stations.

  • 車前方影像顯示。
  • 車前影像。
  • 車站配置圖。
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