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機場捷運增設第三航廈站(A14)計畫說明 Description of the Additional TIAA MRT Airport Terminal 3 Station (A14) Project


The TIAA MRT Airport Terminal 3 Station (A14) was included in the original TIAA MRT Project. However, the construction of the third terminal of the airport was not finalized and only the first phase construction of the main station structure (platform tunnel and the space above) was finished which is now only a passing tunnel. In order to tie in with the completion of the third terminal of the Taoyuan Airport in 2021, BOHSR will continue to implement following constructions of the TIAA MRT Airport Terminal 3 (A14) Station. With the details of the third terminal design, the project includes the detailed design of the new entrances and exits and other structures (staff area, mechanical rooms, ventilation pipes, evacuation channels, etc.), detailed examination, construction supervision and E&M equipment procurement. On Aug. 7, 2017, the Executive Yuan has approved the “Additional TIAA MRT Airport Terminal 3 Station (A14) Project” of which the project cost is estimated at about NT$5.294 billion and the project period will be from 2017 to 2023.
After the completion of the A14 Station, it will be able to provide seamless and convenient external transport services to airport passengers. Together with Airport Terminal 1 Station (A12) and Airport Terminal 2 Station (A13), providing more convenience for passengers traveling between the terminals. In addition to enhancing the competitiveness of Taoyuan International Airport, the new station can greatly strengthen the image of our country.

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