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機場捷運機場旅館(A14a)冷卻水塔遷建工程概要 Outline of the TIAA MRT Airport Hotel Station (A14a) Cooling Towers Relocation Construction


For the implementation of “Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Park Project”, Taoyuan International Airport carried out the “WC Taxiway Relocation and Two-way Construction Project”. This project moved the original west taxiway from the current location to the west by about 710 meters, while expanding it into a two-way taxiway. Due to conflict of the current location of the cooling water tower of TIAA MRT A14a Station and the relocation of the WC taxiway, the A14a station cooling water tower relocation project was initiated in order to meet the airport company's demands.
The project will relocate the cooling water tower machine room from the original location on ground floor of TIAA MRT Airport Hotel Station (A14a) to the southwest of about 35 meters. Additionally, an additional 2mx2m underground pipe conduct will be built so that the cooling water pipes, power and control system lines will be connected to the new cooling tower and the electromechanical facilities room below the original cooling tower. The main works of this project include structural engineering, drainage engineering, pipeline engineering, building decoration works, landscape engineering and E&M engineering. In order to maintain the operation of the cooling tower uninterrupted, the new cooling tower will go through testing procedure and be confirmed of normal operation before removing the original cooling tower.
The project started in Jun. 2016; the new cooling tower structure was completed in late Jan. 2017 and the E&M equipment has been installed by Apr. 2017. The equipment has started operation since early May after individual device, systematic and overall testing. The original cooling tower was dismantled in June and all constructions were completed on Jul. 28. Subsequently, acceptance operations will be implemented; after the acceptance is qualified, the authority will be handed over to Taoyuan Metro Corporation.

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