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機場捷運維修設備-車輪搪孔機簡介 Introduction to the TIAA MRT Wheel Boring Machine

車輪搪孔機,主要規格如下:1.工作台直徑1.6公尺(m)、2.最大切削直徑 2公尺(m)、3.最大切削高度1.5公尺(m)、4.最大扭矩20,000牛頓•公尺(N-m)、5.最大工件負載重量6噸(ton)。

In order to avoid wearing of the TIAA MRT EMU wheels that may affect operational safety and riding comfort after operating for quite some time, there is a need to replace new wheels. To fulfill the operation needs, a wheel boring machine is installed in the wheelset of the main workshop in Chinpu Depot.
The wheel boring machine is a vertical lathe based on CNC operation which is used for wheel drilling and to provide complex and precise boring operations for wheel boring. When a new wheel’s bore is processed by the machine, it can obtain a higher degree of luminosity and roundness which will effectively improve the match between the new wheel and axle. In addition, with the use of pneumatic clamp equipment and jib crane, not only can the operation become easy to operate, but can also achieve streamlining time and manpower.
The main specifications of the wheel boring machine are as follows: 1. Table diameter: 1.6 meters 2. Maximum cutting diameter: 2meters 3. Maximum cutting height: 1.5 meters 4. Maximum torque: 20,000 N-m 5. Maximum workpiece loading weight: 6 tons.
In order to ensure the processing of the wheel boring machine to run smoothly and accurately under high speed and heavy load, the workbench is driven by the high-precision thrust roller bearing and large tapered roller bearing along with appropriate preload. In addition to improving the rotation and positioning accuracy, the mechanism can also inhibit vibration and noise. In the course of processing, an automatic forced lubrication system can effectively provide lubrication, so that the machine can operate smoothly on for a long duration and maintain stable accuracy. To ensure safe operation, in addition to a multi-interlock and emergency stop button, the wheel boring machine is also equipped with a limit switch at the end of the moving parts to prevent any occurrence of overrun accidents.

  • 車輪搪孔機(型號NEO - 16EX)。
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