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台灣軌道工業本土化商機說明會 Business Opportunities of Taiwan Railway Industry Localization Seminar


On Aug. 24, 2017, THSRC held the “Business Opportunities of Taiwan Railway Industry Localization Seminar” at Yenchao Main Depot which attracted hundreds of local manufacturers and academic research and development institutions to attend. In addition, MOTC, MOEA and domestic rail operators were also invited to attend, together showing the ambition and determination toward Taiwan’s railway industrial development.
During the speech by MOTC Minister Hochen, Tan, he expressed that rail construction is a trend in the world. It is the beneficial policy of the country and the indicator of social progress. The industry not only brings local industrial opportunities, but also integrates urban environment and promotes development. In the past, many think that railway technology is difficult and is monopolized by large foreign manufacturers so the domestic industry is hard to be developed. However, if the local manufacturers are willing to catch up and seize the opportunities, the industry is still promising.
The current Railway Technical Research and Certification Institute Project promoted by MOTC is to combine industrial, research, government, academia and research fields, from top to bottom, to systematically develop a high-quality and reliable railway industry. The goal is to not only fulfill the domestic market, but also to pursue export opportunities.
In this seminar, THSRC shared its experience of 10 years of operation, from the maintenance of materials, maintenance equipment, system updates, technical services to the experience and strategy of promoting the localization of railway maintenance. The company also released procurement needs of about 16.6 billion NT dollars of localized spare parts in the next 10 years, covering trains, signals, communications, tracks, power and other systems. THSRC hoped by 2022, domestic components ratio of the high-speed rail can reach 30%. In addition, TRA and Taipei MRT also shared its experience in spare parts localization, and respectively proposed 28.4 billion and 4.8 billion procurement demand in the next 10 years.
In recent years, MOTC has actively promoted the construction of the railways and urged the operating agencies to promote maintenance localization and thus facilitated the convening of this seminar. We look forward to this series of measures will be a shot in the arm for the development of Taiwan’s railway industry.

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