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106年度阿里山森林鐵路定期檢查辦理紀要 Summary of 2017 Alishan Forest Railway Annual Inspection


In accordance with the Railways Supervision Task Force of MOTC, BOHSR implemented the 2017 Alishan Forest Railway Annual Inspection from Aug. 3 to 4, 2017. The inspection was conducted based on Article 41 of "Railway Law" and Article 47 of "Regulations Governing Supervision of Local, Private, and Exclusive Railways". The eight major inspection items included Organization, Operational Situation, Financial Situation, Constructions, Safety Management System, Maintenance of Trains, Maintenance of Tracks and Others. There were a total of 24 inspected items, which were respectively implemented by Operations, Civil Engineering and E&M Divisions.
The annual inspection was led by Deputy Chief Engineer Wei-Li Chung with relevant associates and first arrived at Chiayi Forest District Office of Forestry Bureau for briefing. The inspectors not only evaluated the implementation of current organization, regulations, systems, relevant managing procedures and operational routes but also randomly reviewed actual working logs and records. Additionally, the inspectors especially arranged on-site inspections and route evaluations at accident sites that happened during 2016 to Jul. 2017, natural-disaster-damaged areas, major stations, tunnels, garages and high-risk sections to comprehend with operational details. The inspection party anticipated that with this comprehensive inspection, safety management measures will be advanced enhancing operational safety of the forest railway.

  • 62K未通車路段工程車出軌現地勘查。
  • 40K路段颱風邊坡滑落搶通工程現地勘查。
  • 8月3日起始會議暨文件檢查。
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