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參訪中山科學研究院航空研究所紀要 A Visit to Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology Aeronautical Systems Research Division


For the purpose of acknowledging the current development and application of dual-use technology and to discuss the future possibilities of cooperation, Acting Director General Hu from BOHSR led Chief Engineer Chung and relevant associates on a tour to the Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology Aeronautical Systems Research Division (ASRD), on Mar 25. The Division Head Mr. Jen personally received the BOHSR team and led them to the hear the briefings of "Instant Monitoring System for Railway Intrusion", "UAV Applications", "Training Simulator", etc.
The "F-CK-1" military jet is the proud result of the cooperation of ASRD and Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC). The Aeronautical Systems Research Division is currently actively cooperating with private companies to brainstorm and develop new products and systems. One of their successful examples is the "Instant Monitoring System for Railway Intrusion" developed for THSRC which can prevent potential operational accidents due to route invasion from natural disasters or trespassing obstacles/ human beings. The system adopted optical fiber detection, radar, IR Thermal Imaging and far-end remote technology to achieve the multi-layer protective preparatory warning system.
Small-scale UAVs are convenient drones for detection and target tracking missions. Apart from military uses, they can also be used as monitoring and investigation tools for transport and forest/ soil conservation. HSR routes passes many remote areas so when natural disasters or accidents occur, UAVs can assist in disaster observation, communication and command. The other well developed "Training Simulator" is used as instrument training and operational simulation system for students to enhance learning quality and efficiency and reduce training period and cost simultaneously.
In addition to the experience with the simulator, visitors also had a discussion with the Aeronautical Systems Research Division focusing on HSR system functions and disaster prevention. In early April, the Aeronautical Systems Research Division also made a visit to THSRC Operation Building to see the driving simulator, operation control center and operation staff training. Both parties anticipated possible cooperation in the future.

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