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「高速鐵路桃園車站特定區產業專用區開發經營案」複合商業大樓開工典禮 Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Compound Commercial Building of the “The Commercial/Manufacturing Park Development and Operation Project in HSR Taoyuan Station District”


In the morning of Aug. 9, 2017, the ground-breaking ceremony for the compound commercial building of the “The Commercial/Manufacturing Park Development and Operation Project in HSR Taoyuan Station District (TSD)” took place. Deputy Director General Cheng-Chun Yang participated in the shovel-moving ceremony on behalf of BOHSR and gave a brief speech.
The foundation of the development and management project is nearby TIAA MRT A18 Station and HSR Taoyuan station. In addition, its location can quickly reach Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, connecting three major transportation systems. The project adopted the phasing & zoning method. The first and second phases of GLORIA OUTLETS have successively opened and the third phase is scheduled to be opened in the second season of 2019. The grand opening of this compound commercial building is scheduled to take place in 2020.
The compound commercial building introduced Yokohama Hakkeijima Seaparadise (the first overseas site for Japan's largest aquarium) of SEIBU GROUP, Shin Kong Cinemas and Cathay Hotels to be combined with the American-style GLORIA OUTLETS plaza, creating the first multinational investment compound business city in Taiwan. The project is estimated to attract 6 to 7 million business people and tourists each year and create about 8,500 job opportunities. With the project joining the area, we look forward to market activity increase and growth of consumption in the HSR TSD and also enriched tourism resources in Taoyuan area.

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