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高速鐵路建設成果系列畫冊6《旅意歸情心驛點》 The HSR Project Results Pictorial Volume 6 “The Hub for Journey and the Way Home”

畫冊採六開(78.6*18.2公分 )精裝呈現,內頁為雪銅紙質共144頁,中英對照,圖文並茂,印刷精美,照片上百幅,並附電子書。

In order to record and preserve the theme images of various stages of the high-speed rail project and to promote the effectiveness of HSR construction projects to the public, BOHSR has published 5 volumes of “HSR Project Results Pictorials” since 2007, respectively “Taiwan HSR Launches a New Era”, “The Beauty of Construction”, “Taiwan High Speed Rail From The Air”, “The Intercity Speeding 700T” and “The Impression of THSR Cities”. With the opening of Miaoli, Changhua and Yunlin Station in 2015 and Nangang Station in July 2016, BOHSR continued to publish volume 6 of this series.
The four major themes of this pictorial included “Nangang Station, Stepping Up to the New Starting Point”, “Like a Diamond, Simple and Luxurious—Miaoli Station”, “Free As the Cloud, Steady As the Forest—Yunlin Station” and “The Magical Station of Light and Shadow—Changhua Station”. From the pictorial, the reader will find that the HSR placed thoughtful details everywhere. From the planning and design stage to construction and official operation, HSR strived to create a better transport experience for diverse travelers. With the new four stations, in addition to high-speed and efficiency, HSR added more warmth to the service.
The pictorial is a 78.6 by 18.2 cm hardcover book with 144 mat-finished-coated pages. The contexts include corresponding Chinese and English description with hundreds of beautifully printed pictures. An E-book version is also available online.
This pictorial is a governmental publication. Interested parties can contact the BOHSR website ( regarding purchases for publications / governmental publications.

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