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106年度臺鐵定期檢查作業 2017 TRA Annual Inspection Operations


In the past, only the special railways including Forest Railway, Taiwan Sugar Company Exclusive Railway and HSR were regularly inspected by the MOTC. Until Jun. 18, 2014 when amendments to the Railway Act was published and the addition of Article 44-1 indicating state-owned railway shall be subjected to the provisions of Article 41 of the Act, BOHSR conducted regular inspections of the TRA in 2015 on behalf of the MOTC Railways Supervision Task Force for the first time to strengthen the comprehensiveness of railway operation supervision. From the perspective of external supervision by the professional competence and supervision experience of the supervision task force, BOHSR aimed of providing advisable of suggestions and strengthening the train operation, safety management, maintenance of locomotives and rolling stock, maintenance of route construction and other aspects.
In addition to inspecting the operation management system and implementing situations of the TRA headquarters and supervision units, the inspection extended to front-line operation sites (Taipei, Taichung and Yilan related section units). Aside from organization, staff training, regulatory procedures, repair and maintenance, safety management and other routine contents, significant issues were chosen from improvement demands of the Investigation on Major Railway Accidents Meetings, priority measures listed in the 2017 Safety Management Report and the improvement situation from the annual inspection last year, which were all included in this year’s inspection. These issues included physical examination and skills check for drivers, accident investigation, fence and prohibition sign installation, elevator and escalator maintenance, vehicle procurement and replacement and the status of the Safety Improvement Six-year Plan. After introducing the issues into the inspection, the inspection mechanism and effectiveness will be gradually complete.
The TRA annual inspection has been conducted from Sep. 20 to 29, 2017 and the inspection results and improvement measures have been presented accordingly. The task force will supervise TRA to continuously evaluate and improve its operational equipment, operation staff, regulatory procedures and safety management systems.

  • 臺鐵定期檢查起始會議。
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