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高速鐵路新竹車站特定區世興段46、47地號商業區開發經營案(暐順經貿大樓)開幕典禮 Opening Ceremony of “Development and Management Project of Lot 46 & 47 of Shih-Hsin Section, HSR Hsinchu Station District” (Wi Shun Economic and Trade Building)

暐順經貿大樓係在本局戮力推動招商下,順利於102年下半年由暐順營造股份有限公司獲最優申請人資格,並與其百分之百投資之子公司「暐夏投資開發股份有限公司」(下稱開發人)完成簽約之50年地上權開發案。在開發人的努力及本局協助下,歷經1年半的時間完成規劃、都市設計審議與環評審查作業、取得建造執照,於104年4月1日動工興建,104年12月2日舉行立柱儀式, 105年9月8日完成上梁,並於106年9月1日取得使用執照,9月27日開幕正式啟用。
本案建築為地上20層、地下4 層的複合式大樓,1~5樓規劃為6+ PLAZA 購物廣場,6~13樓係商辦空間,14~20樓提供商旅、觀光住宿與餐飲服務,開發人斥資超過30 億元,集結商辦、住宿、休閒、購物於一身。大樓座落在高鐵新竹站特定區內之商業區,鄰近高鐵車站專用區與新竹生物醫學園區,更以空橋與新竹內灣支線六家火車站、高鐵新竹站相連,步行不到1分鐘即可抵達。

With strong promotion by BOHSR, Wi Shun Construction Company was selected as the optimal applicant in the second half of 2013 to construct the Wi Shun Economic and Trade Building. In addition, BOHSR signed the contract of 50-years of superficies right development project with its 100% investment subsidiary, Wi Sha Investment Company (hereinafter referred to as the “developer”). With the efforts of the developer and help from BOHSR, the planning, urban design review and EIA review operations and obtaining the construction license were all completed within a year and a half. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on Apr. 1, 2015; the column-standing ceremony took place on Dec. 2, 2015; the beam-raising ceremony took place on Sep. 8, 2016; on Sep. 1, 2017, the license was obtained and the building was officially opened on Sep. 27.
The building is a compound building with 20 floors and 4 floors underground. The 1st to 5th floor is planned for the "6+ PLAZA" shopping plaza; 6th to 13th floor is designed for business offices; 14th to 20th floor provides business & tourism accommodation and catering services. The developer spent over 3 billion NT dollars to assemble business, accommodation, leisure and shopping in one. The building is located in the commercial district of HSR Hsinchu Station District, adjacent to the HSR commercial/manufacturing park and the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park. Moreover, the building is connected to TRA Liujia Station of Neiwan Line and HSR Hsinchu Station via an air bridge which only takes less than 1 minute walk.
The completion of the development project provided local residents and the working population new jobs, a consuming environment and recreation areas. We hope that the developer continues to sow seeds in the area and provide services that meet the needs of the market and also the local people. Ultimately, the project will turn into the most unique business development model in the station district.

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