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機場捷運公共藝術作品介紹9 高鐵桃園站(A18)-氣門九號律動 TIAA MRT Public Art Series Report (9) Taoyuan HSR Station (A18) - Movement No.9-Airgate

德國藝術家佛羅里安.克拉爾(Florian Claar)關注光線與物體律動的展現,擅以大型雕塑表現氣流的流動性與動感,創作形式常以大型雕塑表現出氣流張力與動感的意象:低限、未來且工業化,同時搭配科技感十足的金屬材質及色彩,整體散發出強烈的當代風格。克拉爾在日本與亞洲獲得極高的知名度,其作品典藏在許多重要景點,包括東京中城(Midtown)、金澤21世紀美術館、西武文理大學、桃園諾福特華航桃園機場飯店、臺北市大安區行政中心等。


German artist Florian Claar puts focus on demonstration of the rhythm of the light and objects. He is skillful in using large-scale sculptures to display the fluidity and dynamic performance. His creative form often shows the airflow tension and dynamic image through large-scale sculptures: minimalism, future and industrialization; at the same time collocating with metal materials and colors that shows a sense of science and technology, the overall artwork exudes a strong contemporary style. Claar has a high profile in Japan and Asia. His works are featured in many important attractions, including Tokyo Midtown, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art-Kanazawa, Bunri University of Hospitality, Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport Hotel, Daan District Administration Center and so on.
HSR and TIAA MRT are both built for speed and saving time. This public art is installed at the open courtyard walkway between HSR and TIAA MRT systems. Acting as a medium between the sky and the ground, this artwork is inspired by airflow aerodynamics as well as aviation technology. The form of "Movement no.9 –Airgate" originates from the rhythmic form when objects are put in motion, the contour and curvature of compression and expansion and the forming angle. The artist attempted to integrate fluid cohesion, compressibility and three-dimensional movement into the artwork. With a kind of non-figurative but apparent image of speed as spatial positioning, he used the great sculpture as the intermediary between the sky and the ground, symbolizing time, contemporary and speed. The broad geometric shapes depict the act of flying; the internal design demonstrates the characteristic of constant motion and brings out a sense of smooth stability with the airflow. The flow of air and force is also demonstrated through the metal materials that the artist is an expert in. When encountering the public art, it allows the audience to personally feel the wind speed and air during flying.

Artist:Florian Claar
Title of the Public Art: Movement no.9-Airgate
Station of the Public Art:HSR Taoyuan Station (A18)
Location of the Public Art:Courtyard Walkway between HSR and TIAA MRT Systems

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