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機場捷運計畫102年下半年三級品保稽核辦理情形 The TIAA MRT Project Quality Assurance Audit of the second half of 2013


To ensure the execution of this project, BOHSR constructed the Quality Assurance Review of the second half of 2013 from September 13th to November 12th with a total of eight working days. The review was in accordance with Quality Management Plan (4th edition), 2013 Quality Assurance Audit and Quality Assurance Schedule of second half of 2013. The reviewed contents include four construction tenders and two consultants, the Fourth Term General Consultant and Extension Line Consultant. The reviewed tenders are ME01(Construction of Lujhu and Chingpu Depots), ME01(subsystem constructions such as communication, signs, cars, etc.), ME01(tracks/ railway and electricity), ME02, ME03 and ME05.
All audited units have established proper quality assurance systems according to BOHSR's Quality Management Plan (4th edition) and is currently executing quality control according to relevant procedure manuals.

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