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本局103年度環境教育訓練第一場執行報導 Implementation Report on the 1st Session of BOHSR 2014 Environment Educational Training

本次訓練為戶外學習,上午課程是到台灣高鐵公司總公司及高鐵南港站,該公司102年獲得行政院環境保護署「第22屆中華民國企業環保獎」績優廠商 (連續三年) 及交通部交通工程環境影響評估追蹤考核現場勘察計畫評比第一名等重要獎項的肯定,尤其該公司的相關節能護樹措施,包含電子化會議、電子公文線上簽核及稽核、節能減紙、檔案管理電子化,省水省電,宣傳電子化及票證改良電子化等措施,皆值得推廣及學習。

To promote environmental education and raise the environmental vision of our associates, BOHSR together with THSRC and National Taiwan Museum(NTM) hosted the 1st environment educational training between March and April 2014 as an echo to International Earth Day. The training included two sessions respectively taken place at Mar. 27 and Apr. 10.
This morning course of the training was an outdoor workshop at the THSRC headquarters and HSR Nangkang Station. THSRC was rewarded as Excellent Company in ROC Annual Enterprises Environmental Protection Award for three years in a row including 2013 and also won first place in MOTC 2013 Environment Impact Assessment of Transportation Engineering. Many of the energy-saving policies are worth promoting and acknowledging including e-meeting, internet ratification and audit for electronic official documents, paper reduction, e-filing, water and power resource conservation, and the overall e-processing promotion.
The afternoon course was an educational visit to NTM. On Mar 27, the first session took place at Nanmen Park which is one of the national historical sites in NTM. The reconstruction work is one of the best examples of historical architectures reuse. After visiting Nanmen Park, the class went on to the delightful exhibition "Organic Life Style - Maomao's Journey to the Kingdom of Holes". A thorough tour of the exhibition along with navigators' humorous and precise interpretation of exhibition contents, the class fully understood the importance of organic lifestyle towards environmental protection. The session ended with a speech from Professor Ming-Song Shyu about "The Essential Modernity of Reuse" to elaborate on the worldwide trend and importance of historical architectures reuse. On Apr 10, the second session took place at the "The Magic of Plants" exhibition in NTM and "Evolution Gallery: Walking within Skeletons 'Dinosaurs coming!' " exhibition in Taiwan Land Bank Exhibition Hall. The purpose of this session was to remind the class that human beings are not the only living creatures on earth and if we continue to sabotage our planet, it is very likely for humans to come to extinction and that's when other species start to prosper. After the tour, the session ended with a speech from Professor Chien-Chih Chen on "The Ecological Tour in Taipei" in which he anticipated the class to acknowledge the natural beauty and also adopt a respective attitude toward all things through ecological travels in not only Taipei but the entire Taiwan.
After the cooperating experience with THSRC and NTM, we learned that it attracts more employees to attend and it is more practical for them to apply the knowledge to their work and personal lives via this kind of environment educational training.

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