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「106年菱角鳥生態季」開幕活動報導 The Opening Ceremony of the “2017 Pheasant-tailed Jacana Ecological Festival”


“Let’s make a promise with the creatures. We’ll give them a home.” This is the theme of the“2017 Pheasant-tailed Jacana Ecological Festival” cohosted by BOHSR, Forestry Bureau, Tainan City Government, Guantien District Office, THSRC and Tainan Wild Bird Society. On Sep. 23, 2017 at 9:30am, the opening ceremony was held at the Tainan Pheasant-tailed Jacana Eco-Educational Nature Park. The target of the event was “Satoyama for Jacanase”, which is to restore farmland and wetland ecological services. The park located in Guantien District, Tainan strived to promote friendly farming in order to create an environment for the jacanas to live, forage and breed freely, achieving the true Satoyama spirit, which means that people and the environment coexist in harmony. Starting from the water chestnut field, the park strived to build a healthy and safe living habitat and to restore farmland and wetland ecological services in order to maintain the essentials of life for human and the biological common.
In the opening ceremony, all relevant units were fully cooperative. BOHSR also placed a high value on the event in which Chief Secretary Guo-Cheng Jao led associates to participate in the event. In the opening speech, he mentioned how he felt of the many times he visited the park, especially when rescuing the jacanas during the promoting period of the HSR project, then did he understand the need for environmental protection. In addition, with the development of the concept of friendly farming through jacana conservation, it made more people attach importance to our environment in Taiwan. Chief Secretary Guo-Cheng Jao also expressed special thanks to the staff of the park, relevant volunteers and the contribution of friendly farming farmers.
The most popular program in the opening event is the opera show, “The Quiet Spring and its Scenery”, performed by the young actors in Chiayi Municipal Chuiyang Elementary School. The teacher-director integrated the concepts that the students have learned at the park in the past 3 years and wrote it into the script of the play. The end showed that the farmer finally understood the scourge of pesticides to the environment and chose the way of friendly farming, ultimately benefiting the farmer himself and all living things. The audience gave these young actors and actresses the warmest applause. The activities arranged this year also included the most anticipated and exciting “Water Chestnut Peeling Competition” with Chief Secretary Jao participating in the demonstration group and feeling the hardships of peeling the water chestnuts.
This year, the results of jacana breeding groups in all habitats of Taiwan were fruitful. In July this year, the population count was 857, which 662 were in Guantien District. The effectiveness of friendly farming is indispensable to the steady growth of the jacana population. Therefore, the eco-season green market also invited a lot of local friendly farming practicers to join the event to show one of the focuses of this year’s promotion, “A Mini Voyage to the Farmer’s Home”. The event invited the farmers to share their experience with the crowd while selling their agricultural products with green label, so that they could encourage everyone to support the action and make people understand the importance of friendly environment through participation.

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  • 嘉義市垂楊國小的話劇表演《寂靜的春天與春光》。
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