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本局106年環境教育訓練第5場報導 The Fifth Session of BOHSR 2017 Environmental Education Training


Incorporating the right concept of environ-mental protection into the design and construction of projects is the focus of BOHSR's long-standing environmental education trainings. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange for colleagues to actually contact various environmental special cases to enhance their environmental vision. This way, the personnel and related manufacturers of major projects can possess the green concept when carrying out the projects, achieving the policy of sustainable development of the Executive Yuan.
In 2017, BOHSR has already held five trainings: the first, second and fourth session was about ecological protection; the third session was a focused topic on environmental planning and green building. As for this session, due to frequent noise complaints recently, the training addressed particular concern to noise control related issues. The training chose the special case at the Sanchong section of TIAA MRT System as the discussion focus of the course. In addition, the training combined hearing care and test courses, so that colleagues will understand the importance of hearing capability.
On Sep. 25, BOHSR combined indoor lectures with an onsite tour as the contects of this training. In the morning, the PSA Charitable Foundation and Professor Shyu, R. J. of CSVR, NTOU were both invited to give lectures on “Clear Hearing, Free Communication” and “Discussion on Noise Control Technology in Rail Engineering - Taking the Sanchong Section of TIAA MRT System as an Example”. Then in the afternoon, Chief Secretary Guo-Cheng Jao led the trainees to the Sanchong section to feel the impact of the noise and relate to the feelings of the local residents with Professor Shyu, R. J. illustrating the situation at the scene. The enthusiastic guidance of the lecturer triggered the trainees to raise questions and also made them feel the mood of the local people who were affected by the noise. Finally, at the end of the training session, the lecturer anticipated the trainees to have a new perspective on noise control, so that the noise problem of future major projects can be more minor.

  • 海洋大學許榮均教授現場說明三重轉彎段噪音之影響。
  • 華科事業群慈善基金會進行「聽力無礙,溝通自在」演講。
  • 海洋大學許榮均教授進行專題演講。
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