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機場捷運車站電扶梯運轉簡介 Introduction to the Escalator Operation of TIAA MRT Stations


The escalators in TIAA MRT stations adopted the heavy-duty and heat-resistant design in which the operation direction of the two-way operation can be adjusted according to operational needs. The operating speed can be adjusted to 39m/min or 30m/min depending on the passenger loading in the station, and the escalator can alter to a 12m/min idle mode.
Each escalator in the upper and lower hall is set with a voice broadcast system. Based on changes from the escalator input signal, the system can broadcast boarding reminders, acceleration warning, reverse warning, fire alarm, earthquake alarm and other related statements or alarm sounds to remind passengers to pay attention to their personal safety.
When the station escalator fails or receives signals such as station fire or earthquake, the device will automatically broadcast alarm sounds and subsequently come to a stop. The occupant grip is very important at this moment. Although the equipment has a slow brake design with a deceleration of 0.3m / s², there is a fear that there will be a risk of falling downward if the speed inertia of passengers on the escalator is added. Therefore, when riding an escalator, whether it is in a halt or operating the passenger should grab the handrail to maintain the safety of self and others. In the event of any other accidents involving the escalator, an emergency stop must be provided. The red emergency stop button is located on the upper and lower halls and on the right hand side of the middle section. The button will provide an emergency stop after pressing to reduce personnel injuries.

  • 左圖:下乘場緊急停止按鈕。右圖:中段緊急停止按鈕。
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