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機場捷運全線結構物監測初始值建置辦理情形 Implementation Status of the Establishment of Structure Monitoring Initial Value of the TIAA MRT Line


The TIAA MRT System is an important national transportation construction so displacement monitoring on its structure should be carried out periodically or unperiodically. According to the analysis of the monitoring results, it is judged whether the structure is displaced, inclined or subsided. Then, the preventive corrective measures are timely provided so as to ensure the safety of the TIAA MRT facilities and the operation of the system.
BOHSR commissioned Taoyuan Metro Corp. to handle the establishment of the monitoring initial value of the entire structure of the TIAA MRT System. The work includes the control points, initial values of bridge piers and tunnel displacements and conducting wire measurement of the entire MRT line. The construction team set coordinates, elevation monitoring points and displacement monitoring points (see attached figure) respectively on the bridge piers and tunnel rings to measure the structural changes across the TIAA MRT System.
The bidding of the Taoyuan Metro Corporation case was announced on Aug. 4, 2017 and was won on Aug. 11. It is estimated that the establishment of the entire route will be completed on Mar. 8, 2018.

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