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機場捷運軌道醫生 Dr. Yellow of the TIAA MRT System

機場捷運軌道線形檢測車係由義大利VAIA CAR製造商所生產,型號為CF-250D,本檢測車將整合模組化之檢測系統,安裝於具備雙向行駛及行車動力之車輛上,總重約25.8噸,使用柴油引擎,正線行駛最大速度45km/h,機廠行駛最大速度25km/h,執行人員編制為3人,2人駕駛,1人負責量測系統。

In the face of 51.03 kilometers of operation rail and all the possible situations when the train is passing through, the maintenance of the TIAA MRT System cannot be achieved by personnel patrol in the short period of maintenance duration during nighttime. Therefore, the automated machinery-track recording car is utilized to find every possible factor and track point that may result in discomfort or wheel/rail noise in future operation. The track recording car used high-precision measurement equipment with the help of computer graphic output to provide the maintenance unit with immediate and reliable data. This data can be used for prevention repair or adjustments for rail components. Consequently, the automated machinery- track recording car is also known as Dr. Yellow of the TIAA MRT System.
The track recording car adopted the CF-250D model manufactured by VAIA CAR from Italy. The design of the car is a two-way auto-powered vehicle with an integrated modular examination system. The total weight of the car is 25.8 tons. It is equipped with a diesel engine that can reach maximum speed of 45 km/h on the main line and 25 km/h in the depot. Operational personnel are 3 persons with 2 as drivers and one responsible for the measurement system.
The track recording car used non-contact method to measure the gauge, alignment, longitudinal level, horizontal level, cant (tilt angle), snaking (flatness) and other geometric data for the left and right rail. The measurement system can also measure inner rail profile, lateral wear, tread wear, longitudinal defects on the entire rail surface, rail wavy wear and other factors.
The inspection frequency should be one rail alignment measurement for the entire line every 6 months. Subsequent to data download, the maintenance personnel can grasp the alignment condition of the rail and conduct immediate maintenance if necessary to maintain the smoothness and comfort of operation.

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