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機場捷運電梯/電扶梯可用度測試簡介 Introduction to the Availability Test of TIAA MRT Elevators/Escalators

機場捷運電梯/電扶梯可用度測試,係依契約規定在負載情況下,必須能作每天至少20小時,每年365天之連續操作;每台電梯/電扶梯必須能夠可靠地操作並有不少於百分之99之可用度(A),其計算公式:可用度(A)= 操作模式之故障間平均時間/(操作模式之故障間平均時間+故障報告後之平均修復時間),另在車站內每7,300操作小時,每台電梯/電扶梯之平均故障數不得超過15次。若於一年之免費維修期間內,其操作營運時間少於7,300小時,每台電梯/電扶梯之平均故障數應依每7,300操作小時發生15次故障之比例來估算之。

The availability test for TIAA MRT elevators and escalators, as stipulated in the contract, must be capable of continuous operation of at least 20 hours per day and 365 days per year under load. Each elevator/escalator must be capable of operating reliably and with a minimum of 99% availability (A). The availability (A) is calculated as below:
A= ----------------------
.MTBF: Mean time Between Failures
.MTTR: Mean time to Recovery
The average number of failures per elevator/escalator shall not exceed 15 times per 7,300 operating hours in the station. If the operating hours are less than 7,300 hours during the free maintenance period of one year, the average failure rate of each elevator/escalator should be estimated as the ratio of 15 faults occurring every 7,300 operating hours.
This availability test shall be conducted for a period of 12 months beginning within 90 days of the commercial operation day. The availability test for TIAA MRT elevators and escalators has been conducted since April, 2017. Before the 10th of each month, the supervising and manufacturing unit shall convene a review conference for the classification of the availability test faults with the manufacturers, operators and owners. In the conference, participants review the judgements of the faults classification in the previous month and calculate the availability of the equipment according to the requirements of the contract.
The availability reports are divided into quarterly reports, semi-annual reports, three quarterly reports and annual reports. The availability reports of equipment are submitted to the supervision unit respectively according to the above-mentioned timeframe for ratification. After the annual reports are submitted, the supervisory organization will convene the annual availability test implementation review meeting with the manufacturers, operators and owners to confirm that the equipment operation meets the contractual availability requirements.

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