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機場捷運系統山鼻站(A10)、大園站(A15)、桃園體育園區站(A19)及環北站(A21)設置公共自行車YouBike租賃站 Installation of Youbike Stations at Shanbi Station (A10), Dayuan Station (A15), Taoyuan Sports Park Station (A19) and Huanbei Station (A21) of the TIAA MRT System


In coordination with the high-quality transfer service the TIAA MRT, “The Last Mile”, Taoyuan’s Department of Transportation applied to BOHSR for the lease of 4 lots of MRT right-of-way land to be set up as Youbike stations. The total area of the land is 34 m2. The lots are partial station lands which are located at Shanbi Station (A10), Dayuan Station (A15), Taoyuan Sports Park Station (A19) and Huanbei Station (A21).
The application was reviewed by BOSHR and was cleared for impact toward structural and operational safety of the TIAA MRT System. In accordance to the applicant’s consideration of using the surrounding land to its fullest and the best interest for passenger convenience, BOHSR approved of the land lease based on Article 6.1.3 of “Management Guidelines for Government Construction Mass Rapid Transit System Properties” , “the managing authority shall approve the lease to a third party user”, and Article 2 of “Principles for National Property Revenue”. The fees for land lease will be based on the “Public Bicycle Rental and Basic Fees and Charges for National Property”, which was announced by Ministry of Finance on Jul. 23, 2015.

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