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機場捷運列車上公眾WiFi使用情形 On-board Free WiFi for TIAA MRT

桃園機場捷運系統於列車上建置公眾無線上網WiFi設備,使搭乘機場捷運民眾享受語音、數據、線上購物、直播電視(Live TV)及多媒體影音隨選視訊(VOD)等數位服務。

The TIAA MRT System installed free WiFi facilities on the MRT train for the passengers to enjoy audio, data, online shopping, live TV, Video on Demand (VOD) and various digital services during the ride.
The application of free WiFi on a MRT system is the first in Taiwan. Free WiFi is available from the opening of the TIAA MRT service each day, so passengers will no longer be bored during commuting and can experience all kinds of video and audio services when taking the MRT.
According to Chunghwa Telecom statistics from August to October of 2017, an average of nearly 140,000 people uses it every month, with more than 210,000 passengers surfing the Internet, using 5.53 million minutes. The total traffic is as high as about 10,000 GB.
For the passengers that requests Internet service, please follow the graphic procedure to register for online service. However, please pay attention to your own safety while surfing the internet.

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