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臺灣桃園國際機場聯外捷運系統建設計畫大事紀 「美好連結 接軌國際」介紹 Memorabilia of the TIAA MRT Project

為記錄及保存臺灣桃園國際機場聯外捷運系統建設計畫(以下簡稱本計畫)各個階段重大紀要,由本局楊副局長擔任召集人,自105年2月6日起邀集局內各組室及捷工處共召開3次編撰會議及1次工作成果審查會議討論後,完成本計畫大事紀「美好連結 接軌國際」(含電子書)之出版。
「美好連結 接軌國際」之編印,紀錄本計畫自85年至106年由規劃、設計、施工、測試、初履勘至營運過程之絲絲縷縷,在這重大事跡下彰顯了高鐵局及捷工處同仁推動機場捷運過程之努力與辛勞,本書以年份為主軸採圖文編輯呈現,並依工作類別分項列述,像是流水帳卻是重要事紀,也展現出一步一腳印走過的軌跡,有順境的歡樂與肯定,如工程品質優良獲得金質獎、金安獎等,亦有逆境的挑戰,如頻遭遇物價狂飆土建標發包不順、配合環保要求辦理變更用地範圍、廠商間合約糾紛之產生,及系統整合測試穩定性需達到合約標準等,其點點滴滴蘊含著所有曾經參與本計畫同仁的辛勞與貢獻。

To record and conserve the major events of each phase of the TIAA MRT Project, BOHSR published the memorabilia of the project (including e-book). The conveyor of the memorabilia was Deputy Director General Yang, who gathered every division and the MRT Engineering Office since Feb. 6, 2016 to hold 3 compilation meetings and one evaluation meeting.
The editing of memorabilia recorded the planning, designing, constructing, testing, initial inspection, final inspection and operation processes from 1996 to 2017. Through the major events, they manifested all the hard work and efforts of the personnel from BOHSR and the MRT Engineering Office. This book takes the year as the backbone timeline with graphics and narratives throughout the book. Job classifications are sub-listed which brought out the major events from seemingly plain narratives. These events showed footprints step by step with merry and affirmative good times such as obtaining medals in the Golden Quality Award and Golden Safety Award of Public Works. There were also challenges of adversity, such as the inflations, civil engineering tender failures, demands for change of land from environmental requirements, the contract disputes between manufacturers, and the stability of the system integration test that had not yet reached the contract standards. All the memories imply the hard work and contribution of all those who have participated in the project.

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