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台灣高鐵綜合應變演練 THSRC General Drill on Emergency Measures


To make associates more familiar with response measures in face of accidents, THSRC has held 2 to 3 large-scale drills each year. On Nov. 30, 2017, the annual large-scale drill was held at Yenchao Main Depot with the theme of anti-terrorism.
This exercise was hosted by THSRC Chairman Yao-Chung Chiang and CEO Guan-Yuan Cheng with the Fire Department, Police Bureau and the Public Health Department of Kaohsiung City Government, Railway Police Bureau, MOI and other relevant units as participants. The drill was divided into two portions. The first part was an anti-terrorism simulation in which started with the suspect detonating the bomb and threatening the driver. Following were reporting, consoling, taking refuge and evacuation operations. On the other hand, the public health bureau implemented rescue operations for a large number of patients; the fire department conducted fire extinguishing operations; the police bureau were also on the scene to maintain order. Police units then began to rescue the hostages. After the hostages were rescued, evidence on the scene were collected thus ending the first phase of the drill.
For the second part of the drill, THSRC arranged 9 sections for post-disaster recovering operations including train railing operations, transportation operations, rescue equipment display, pantograph fixation of the damaged train, train OCS grounding, restoration of broken OCS, steel rail welding and transponder replacement. The participants were divided into 5 groups for the tour of recovering operations. Finally, the referee announced that the drill was over. The drill was successfully completed with fulfilled targets and was acclaimed by the guests.

  • 工作演練─修復斷裂之電車線。
  • 反恐演練─警方使用擔架運送受傷之歹徒。
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