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嘉義市區鐵路高架化計畫先期工程動土典禮 Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Pre-project Construction of the Chiayi Urban District Elevated Railway Project


On Dec. 23, 2017, the groundbreaking ceremony of the pre-project construction, “the C601 Tender-Chiayi Station Northside Temporary Track Civil Engineering”, of “Chiayi Urban District Elevated Project” took place. Many officials were invited to the event including Vice President Chien-Jen Chen, MOTC Minister Hochen, Tan, Chiayi City Mayor Shiing-Jer Twu, Chiayi County Magistrate Hwa-Kuan Chang, central and local elected representatives and the media to witness the historical milestone of the first actual ground break in the “Forward-looking infrastructure Development Program - Railway Constructions”. This milestone showed the determination of the government to push ahead with forward-looking infrastructures and expressed the government's support and attention to major local construction projects.
The ceremony kicked-off at 11 o’clock A.M. on the time of the Vice President’s arrival. The opening performance began with the mind-blowing battle drum which symbolizes prayers for peace and the traditional Chinese “Lion Dance” which is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity to welcome the arrival of the guests. Then, prayers for safety and success of the pre-project construction were addressed. Following the prayers, BOHSR Director-General Hsiang-Ling Hu presented the briefing explaining the construction contents and benefits of the project. Later on, Chiayi County Magistrate Chang, Chiayi City Mayor Twu, MOTC Minister Hochen and Vice President Chen gave a speech in succession which expressed deep expectation and recognition toward the project. During the Vice President’s speech, he anticipated the project to be completed soon under the efforts of BOHSR and also comprehensive coordination of Chiayi City Government, Chiayi County Government and the citizens in Chiayi. The completion of the project shall bring economic development to the region and build a better future for the local district.
After the Vice President’s speech, he led the central and local officials to participate in the blessing ritual. In subsequent, the master of ceremony and relevant staff guided the guests in the official groundbreaking ceremony which symbolized safely breaking ground, solid earth and successful foundation. The groundbreaking ceremony ended with satisfaction by 11:45 A.M.

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