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嘉義市區鐵路高架化計畫簡介 Introduction to the Chiayi Urban District Elevated Railway Project

本計畫經行政院106年9月6日核定綜合規劃報告,計畫期程9年,即自106年9月至115年9月。計畫經費新臺幣238.98億元(包含工程費212.55 億元、用地費26.43 億元),中央分擔200.65億元,嘉義市政府總負擔經費(工程自償性經費+地方分擔經費)38.33億元。

The Chiayi Urban District Elevated Railway Project is aimed to elevate the existing ground railway starting from the north side of Niu-Chou-Chi Bridge in Chiayi County to the south end of TRA Beihuei Station. The construction contents include 2 elevated stations (Jiabei Station and Chiayi Station), the new ground-floor Beihuei Station, elevated bridge constructions and the new Shueishang Depot. Total length of the construction extends 10.9 kilometers.
On Sep. 6, 2017, this project was ratified by the Executive Yuan as a General Planning Report with duration of 9 years from 2017 September to 2026 September. The project funding is 23.898 billion NT dollars (includes construction budget of 21.255 billion NT dollars and land use budget of 2.643 billion NT dollars). The central government shared 20.065 billion NT dollars of budget and total expenditure of Chiayi City Government (project self-financing funds + local share of funds) is 3.833 billion NT dollars.
The tenders of construction design and supervision service of this project has been closed on Oct. 31, 2017 with bid-winner as CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc. The results of main structure design are scheduled to be submitted in August 2018.
The expected benefits of this project are as follows:
1.Eliminate barriers between the existing railways on both sides of the railway to balance urban development.
2.Eliminate railway crossings and improve traffic bottlenecks to ensure traffic safety.
3.Combine with regional mass transit systems to provide quick and easy service.
4.Improve the environment along the railway and beautify the cityscape to improve the quality of life.
5.Raise the value of land use and promote the economic development in Chiayi area.

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