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嘉義市區鐵路高架化計畫C601標嘉義站北側臨時軌土建工程簡介 Introduction to the Chiayi Station Northside Temporary Track Civil Engineering of the C601 Tender- Chiayi Urban District Elevated Railway Project

(2)工程期限: 480日曆天。

This tender is one of the significant paths for the preliminary phase of the Chiayi Downtown Railway Elevation Project. The civil engineering is in line with the designing operations within the TRA existing right-of-way range. The bridge and retaining structure civil engineering needed for the temporary track will be executed in advance to reduce the construction latency after contracting of the temporary track and elevated bridge constructions. This is critical in the management of project timeline.
The supervision operations of the pre-project construction C601 tender, Chiayi Station Northside Temporary Track Civil Engineering, was contracted to CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc. and has officially broken ground on Dec. 21, 2017 with a construction duration of 480 days.
The basic information of this tender is as follows:
1.Construction scope: construction site is located between TRA Jiabei Station and Chiayi Station starting from the northside of Boai Overpass in Chiayi City (K294+620 of TRA West Coast Line) to Chiayi Station (K296+300 of TRA West Coast Line). The construction scope passes the Wenhua Rd. Underpass, Boai Overpass, Guohua St. Level Crossing, Beihsin Overpass and other landmarks.
2.Construction duration: 480 days.
3.Construction content: includes 1 site of steel bridge expansion engineering, 3 sites of new retaining walls, subgrade engineering, power line anchors and power pole foundation engineering.

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