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「高鐵站區聯外道路系統改善計畫」-彰化站「員林至田中新闢道路」第二標工程完工 Improvement Plan of Access Road to HSR Station Area-Construction Completion of the 2nd Tender of


In order to facilitate the transfer of passengers to the HSR, following the opening of 6 stations including Taoyuan Station in 2007, BOHSR continued to promote the access road improvement plan of the 3 additional stations, Miaoli, Changhua and Yunlin. Changhua Station included 2 projects with total budget of 3.566 billion NT dollars. The competent authority of these 2 construction projects is the Changhua County Government. The “Changhua 95 Extension Construction” has already been completed and opened since Oct. 31, 2013; the “Yuanlin to Tienzhong New Road Construction” was divided into 2 construction tenders for execution. The 1st tender was completed and opened on Dec. 23, 2016 with the twin-tower Extradosed Bridge that crossed a total span of 580 meters as its most characterized feature.
The 2nd tender which is completed in 2017 is the section from Yuanji Road to HSR Changhua Station District. The construction included 2-A and 2-B sub-projects. After the completion of this tender, the construction will be connected to the 9.4-kilometer northern access road which was completed in the 1st tender. Then, crossing the HSR Changhua Station District, the “Changhua 95 Extension Construction” will link to Tienzhong downtown. The access road is expected to save over 10 minutes of traveling time from Yuanlin to Tienzhong downtown.
After full operation of “Yuanlin to Tienzhong New Road Construction”, it will become a major north-south road to the east side of Changhua County. It should play a significant part in effectively relieve the traffic load of Provincial Highway 1 and County Highway 137. It is also expected that this alternative road will improve the situation of traffic congestion at the intersection of Provincial Highway 76, Provincial Highway No.1 and County Highway 137 during weekends which will bring great benefits to local transportation.

  • 「員林至田中新闢道路工程」第二標工程完工路段。
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