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高鐵沿線電纜線槽租用現況 Leasing Status of Cable Ducts Along the HSR Line


The total length of the HSR line is 350 kilometers with cable ducts on both sides of the track (north from Nangang and south to Zuoying Station). In addition, 62 drop points are installed for contractors to directly introduce private cables to the machine rooms or connect pipelines on the access roads (but the underground tunnel sections from 16K+800 north to Taipei area (approximately from Shulin to Nangang section) adopted the hanging attachment or other methods). The cable ducts are exclusive to laying optical cables, cables and other equipment used for the purpose of transmitting telecommunications, information, video, audio and voice.
Parties applicable for usage of cable duct-related facilities are either companies that have obtained the first-type telecoms license from the competent authority or radio and television system operators with operating permits. In addition, exclusive telecoms and the telecoms network organizations or natural persons with license for experimental telecoms development of academia, education or network- exclusive purposes can also be applicants of such facilities.
The usage right of east side cable duct from HSR Taipei to Zuoying will be leased to Taiwan Fixed Network Co., Ltd. from BOHSR during the period of June 2006 to June 2021 (leasing system); as for the west side cable duct from HSR Nangang to Zuoying, Asia Pacific Telecom Co., Ltd. has applied for the usage right from BOHSR since January 2015 (application system). Besides, New Century InfoComm Tech Co., Ltd. (Sparq*) plans to apply for lease of west side cable duct from HSR Taipei to Taoyuan and east side cable duct from Taipei to Nangang in 2018.
The cable ducts along the HSR route can provide stable and reliable connection for the BTN and we hope that more and more telecoms company will apply for the lease.

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