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本局榮獲國有公用財產105年度活化績效評比「基金或事業機關組」第4名 BOHSR was rewarded Fourth Place in the “Funds / Enterprises Organizations Group” of 2016 National Public Property Activation Performance Assessment


The national public property activation cases managed by BOHSR in 2016 totaled 66 cases and the corresponding activation earnings were 897,374,402 NTD. This number was a great leap from last year’s 661,650,426 NTD and even exceeded the MOTC target of 723,399,577 NTD. The revenue target achievement rate reached 124.05%. In view of the actual performance of BOHSR in activating and applying the managed assets in the year of 2016, the MOTC recommended BOHSR to participate in the 2016 annual activation performance assessment contest conducted by the Ministry of Finance (MOF).
The MOF held the Activation Performance Selection Meeting on Oct. 19 & 20, 2017, inviting experts and scholars familiar with national property affairs to jointly form a performance appraisal meeting. The reviewers conducted a full assessment on the execution results and performance of the 2016 contestants and BOHSR was rewarded Fourth Place in the “Funds/Enterprises Organizations Group”.

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