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臨近電化鐵路設施防護辦法修訂辦理情形 Revision Status of the Regulations on the Protection of Electrified Railway Facilities


The “Regulations on the Protection of Electrified Railway Facilities” has been established and promulgated on Feb. 17, 1981 under MOTC No. 02387. The Regulation has not been revised in the past 36 years hence BOHSR commissioned Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI) to execute the “Regulations on the Protection of Electrified Railway Facilities” specialized service project on Dec. 10, 2016.
In the service duration, 2 experts’ forums were held to discuss and analyze the interaction of pipelines and rail track. The attendees concluded with suggestions for 4 articles in need of revision and 2 additional articles. Major contents are as follows: Revision of regulations in Article 4 regarding cases of dispute which will be coordinated by the competent railway authority; revision of the provisions of the electrical safety protection of overhead lines and rails in Article 5; revision of regulations in Article 5.2 regarding approval from the railway authority of the pipeline design information within railway lands; revision of relevant regulations of protective facilities installation, sharing of maintenance costs and related rights and responsibilities in Article 6. Protective measures for installation of oil pipelines, gas pipelines and industrial pipelines within railway lands are added in Article 5.1. The regulation for owners or users of the oil pipelines, gas transmission lines or industrial pipelines within a distance of 200 meters from the railway should provide relevant pipeline information to the railway authority and establish a bilateral liaison channel is added in Article 5.2. On Dec. 21, 2017, the report is confirmed and will be submitted to MOTC for future suggestion of the “Regulations on the Protection of Electrified Railway Facilities”.

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