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軌道產業關鍵議題座談會 Key Issues of the Railway Industry Symposium


On Jan. 30 to 31, BOHSR cohosted the “Key Issues of the Railway Industry Symposium” along with Railway Reconstruction Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications(RRB) and Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs(IDB). Nearly 40 vendors and more than 200 representatives from industry, government, academia and research fields joined in this grand event. In addition to the 6 presentations by railway operators, construction authorities and manufacturers, the group forums and comprehensive forums was held in the afternoon of the 30th and the morning of the 31st. During the forums, the participating companies enthusiastically made valuable suggestions on the key issues for the development of the railway industry.
In the opening speech of MOTC Minister Hochen, Tan he indicated that with various railway system projects in the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program, the budgeting of railway projects from MOTC and related departments has exceeded 900 billion NT dollars. He anticipated that in the meantime of implementation of the construction projects, the railway technology and output value can stay in Taiwan in order to reach greatest benefits. Looking back at the policies and practices the government has made in the railway industry, the implementation of business-opportunity seminars by railway operators and the establishment of the “Railway Technical Research and Certification Institute” were all concrete efforts to raise the independent ability of the domestic railway industry.
The symposium was divided into 5 sub-groups including rolling stocks, signaling and communications, power supply, track system and depot equipment. The forums were held between domestic railway operators, construction authorities, manufacturers and experts where they exchanged opinions and experience. About 80 key items were initially selected for the development of the railway industry. Subsequent meetings of inter-department “Promotion of Railway Industry Board”, composed of MOTC , MOEA and Public Construction Commission, will be held to discuss and confirm. After confirmation of the key items, it will serve as reference of the important goals and activities for promoting the development of railway industry and the direction for various resource inputs in the future.

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