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機場捷運電聯車聯結器簡介 Introduction to the EMU Coupler of the TIAA MRT System

聯結器設計應能於正常營運、維修作業時,吸收及緩衝碰撞之能量,且能確保車端結構不致因車輛碰撞而發生嚴重損壞而影響行車安全,自動聯結器及半永久聯結器設計之縱向彈性須足夠,以吸收列車於牽引及煞車時所產生的衝擊力,自動聯結器可於列車之任一端進行列車間之自動聯結及解聯作業,當在進行電聯車緊急救援時,對W3載重(列車全載重量)及使用駐車煞車之車輛以各種聯結器角度進行推拉時,自動聯結器及半永久聯結器皆能承受所有靜態及動態之作用力。救援列車亦可透過聯結器提供電力及控制訊號給被救援列車,另聯結器在車輛碰撞性能上,併同防爬器、車體結構等配置上,構成整體設計,以因應不同程度(速度)之碰撞,確保車輛不致嚴重受損 ,並保障車內人員安全。

The coupler is a significant device for the EMU system which is used for the linking between EMUs. The TIAA MRT EMUs used both the automatic couplers and semi-permanent couplers. The EMUs at both outer ends are equipped with automatic couplers, using automatic mechanical and electric & pneumatic ways for train coupling or uncoupling; as for the intermediate vehicle ends, they are equipped with semi-permanent couplers.
The coupler design should be able to absorb and buffer the energy of the collision during normal operation and maintenance operations. It should also ensure that the car structure will not be seriously damaged by the collision which may affect operational safety. The design of automatic couplers and semi-permanent couplers should fulfill longitudinal resilience demands so as to absorb the impact generated by the traction and braking of the train. The automatic coupling and uncoupling operations of the automatic couplers can be carried out at any outer end of trains. In the instance of emergency rescue where W3 ( crush loading ) trains and trains with parking brakes are pulled or pushed via the coupler with any angle, both automatic couplers and semi-permanent couplers can withstand all static and dynamic forces. In addition, the rescue train can provide power and control signals to the failed train via the coupler. For the train collision performance, the coupler is integrated with the anti-climber device and train body structure to respond to different levels ( speed ) of collision, to ensure that the train will not be severely damaged, and to protect the safety of the passengers in the EMUs.

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