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機場捷運延伸線CM01標A23車站交維計畫-中新地下道改善措施動工 The Groundbreaking Ceremony of the “Alternative Road Plan at A23 Station of the TIAA MRT Extension Line – Zhonghsing Underpass Improvement Measures”

中新地下道改善措施將原為前後站雙向各1 汽車道與1機車道之配置,將拓寬至雙向各3混合車道配置(詳附圖1),並於新興街、中山路等道路辦理增設1車道,同時也調整周邊道路動線,設置合適之標誌標線號誌等設施,採兩階段施工,先施作拓寬部分的路段,再施作中新地下道,已於今(107)年2月1日動工,預計在今(107)年8月14日完工,相信將能有效紓解元化地下道封閉後之車流,並降低A23車站動工後周邊交通衝擊,期能加速工程進行。

On Sep. 15, 2017, the Traffic Maintenance Plan of Zhongli Station (A23) of the TIAA MRT Extension Line CM01 Tender was ratified by Taoyuan City Government with the prerequisite of the completion of an alternative road plan (Zhonghsing Underpass Improvement Measures).
The Zhonghsing Underpass Improvement Measures will broaden the original configuration of one two-way automobile lane and one two-way motorcycle lane at both front and rear stations into three two-way motorways (detailed as attached Figure 1). In addition, one additional lane will be constructed for HsinHsing Street and Zhongshan Road as well as adjusting surrounding roads and the construction of suitable signals and signs. The project includes two phases of construction, first is to broaden the road section, and then applying to the new underpass. The construction has broken ground on Feb. 1, 2018 and is scheduled to be completed by Aug. 14 this year. We believe that after the construction is completed, it will effectively relieve the traffic flow at Yuanhua Underpass after the closure of this road and reduce the traffic impact of A23 station surroundings when the station construction starts. It is hoped that construction progress will be accelerated.
The construction team launched the groundbreaking ceremony of the “Alternative Road Plan at A23 Station of the TIAA MRT Extension Line – Chunghsing Underpass Improvement Measures” on Jan. 29, 2018 and the ceremony was hosted by Taoyuan City Mayor Wen-Tsan Cheng and Deputy Director-General Cheng-Chun Yang. Hsin-Fu Chang of Department of Transportation, Taoyuan City Government, BOHSR Director Yue-Chun Tsao, Senior Director Hung-De Chen of CECI Engineering Consultants Inc., Taiwan and General Manager Shue-Sheng Cheng of Continental Engineering Corp. were invited as honorable guest. Moreover, multiple local representatives, local gentry, mayors of district and village offices and the residents all attended the grand event.

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