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高鐵台南站站前廣場增設臨停載客區 The Additional Kiss & Ride Area at the Front Plaza of HSR Tainan Station


In order to facilitate passenger transfers, a Kiss & Ride area was added at the front plaza of HSR Tainan Station to shorten the walking distance of the passengers and allow the passengers to move more smoothly and conveniently. This construction was completed on Feb. 11, 2018 followed with an opening ceremony.
Since the opening of HSR Tainan Station in 2007, the amount of travel and transportation by HSR has grown significantly. Though the public often temporary parked on Guiren Blvd., traffic congestion and accidents nowadays are often caused during peak hours and holidays. In order to effectively reduce traffic congestion, the HSR Tainan Station area has been working with the Tainan City Government since Apr. 5, 2017 to implement the “Pick-up & Drop-off Diversion” measures. Since the implementation, the traffic on Guiren Blvd. has reduced significantly, and the accident rate has also improved a lot compared to the same period in 2016. However, after the implementation of the diversion measures, there are often people who reported that Wudang Road's passenger loading area is too far from the station's exit, causing inconvenience to the elderly and the passengers carrying large luggage.
After the discussion between MOTC, Tainan City Government and relevant units, the decision was made to add a Kiss & Ride Area in between HSR Tainan Station and Wudang Road in order to shorten the walking distance of passengers and effectively relieve the passenger crowd and traffic during peak hours. This will also facilitate the transfer behavior to be more convenient.
This project was coordinated by the Tainan City Government, THSRC and BOHSR to jointly plan and build the Kiss & Ride Area at the front plaza of the HSR Tainan Station. It has been completed on Feb. 11,2018 and had been functioning during the Chinese New Year holidays so that returning travelers could enjoy more convenient and comfortable transportation services.

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