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機場捷運延伸線橫渡線配合107年春節敦親睦鄰 Coordinating with “Friendly Neighborhood Policy” of the 2018 Lunar New Year for the TIAA MRT Extension Line Crossover Constructions


The TIAA MRT Extension Line crossover construction site is located on Zhongcheng Road in front of Zhongli Station in Taoyuan City. The area is a busy commercial area but the road width is only 18 meters wide and is near stores and residential houses. In order to reduce the impact on traffic during the construction period and maintain at least two-way traffic lanes, the perimeter fence will be carried out using the principle of minimum construction area.
In response to the “Friendly Neighborhood Policy” carried out by the Department of Transport, Taoyuan, the perimeter fence of the construction site near the train station from Jianguo Road to Zhonghe Road in Zhongli District will shrink back about 35 meters and adjust with relevant traffic policies for the convenience of road users during the 2018 Lunar New Year holidays.
On the other hand, in accordance to the initiation of underground pedestrian passage construction work implemented by the MRT Engineering Office, BOHSR on behalf of Taoyuan City Government, the perimeter fences of the crossover construction site should be restored as the condition before the Lunar New Year holidays. Before construction will start in the second half of 2018, Department of Transportation and relevant units in Taoyuan City Government will be invited to the traffic onsite inspection to facilitate construction work and guidance of complete traffic facilities. Maintaining clean environment of the surroundings and quality of the road will also be verified.

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